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Cindy from Launceston TAS: “For someone like me with a practical head on my shoulders, Jo’s messages, healings and teachings in MY LUMA·NOVA provide me with what I’m looking for on this path.”

Pauline from NSW: “Your healing left me feeling oh so light, calm and fresh. Everything from your notes is so fascinating and all so relevant to me.”

Kara from Launceston: “This meditation was sooooo powerful! These small moments set aside for meditation and healing make such a difference.”

Wendy from Launceston: “The best thing is the variety. MY LUMA·NOVA is educational, enlightening, engaging and so much fun!”

Nicole from Launceston: “The MY LUMA·NOVA meditations are out of this world! Such bliss.”

Emma from St Helens: “I credit the healing and meditation sessions in MY LUMA·NOVA to a healthier and happier version of myself.”

Jane from Perth WA: “WOW!! I am feeling such a huge level of peace & love & warmth & calm inside that I have never felt before!”

Wendy from Perth WA: “To say WOW is an understatement. Jo has changed not only my day, but also my life.”

Rose from Launceston: “I can not recommend Jo enough. I had an amazing healing session recently and while I left feeling better, a week later I felt fantastic!”

Hollie from Launceston: “Jo’s healings support me energetically, emotionally and spiritually. As a busy single mum, I love that I can access these healings and more whenever it suits me.”

Robyn from Kings Meadows: “Jo’s messages from Spirit always seem to have relevance to what I need at the time and I just love the guided meditations! They are powerfully healing!”

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