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Reiki · Intuitive Healing · Guided Meditation · Channelling



Miraculous improvements in my happiness, health, state of mind, and intuition!” – Tracy, Stellar Journey Attendee

Heal From Home, Your Way

Catch your breath and heal with our weekly 45-minute Stellar Journey sessions.

Feel your stresses and worries melt away during these channelled sessions, as Spirit guides you through a MAGICAL MEDITATION, immediately followed by REIKI AND INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING.

There are also CHANNELLED MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT woven throughout each session to encourage you and put your mind at ease.

This is real WELLNESS at your fingertips, every single week.

Approx $13 – $15 per session (incl. replays) – Pay monthly or yearly

Heal in Ways You’ve Only Ever Dreamed Of

Cut through the noise of life… and HEAL.

The meditations will soothe your mind and expand your soul.

The energy healings will transform your whole world.

And the regular guidance from Spirit will get you back on track in no time.

ZERO experience needed!

This is where you’ll find yourself… FOR REAL.

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Easy cancellation any time, no lock in contracts or fees

“In the past I have rarely felt anything during a Reiki session, but with Jo it is COMPLETELY different!” – Jane, Stellar Journey Attendee

Just the Right Amount of ‘Woo’ Will Do

transformation through meditation - feel like you're a million miles away
spiritual wellness subscription benefits

Easy cancellation any time, no lock in contracts or fees

Jo’s Personal Guarantee

If you don’t love your first Stellar Journey session, contact me within 7 days and I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked

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Meet Your Healer

Channel · Intuitive Healer · Reiki Master-Teacher · Author · Tasmanian

Hi! I’m Jo Worsfold, Tasmanian Energy Healer and Channel. I am the founder of LUMA·NOVA and author of Equilibrium, Spirituality for Everyday People.

For 10 YEARS now, I have been helping others work out what being spiritual means to them and how to heal… in a way that COMPLETELY transforms their lives.

Using an eclectic mix of Reiki, intuitive healing, spirit communications, elder energy, planetary energy, crystals, plant medicine and whatever else intuitively comes to me and through me (I call these my Healing Helpers), I am helping everyday people tap into their own inner magic and heal… FOR REAL.

Many years ago, I turned to energy medicine and to living a more spiritual life when my chronic health issues prompted me to think outside the box. After many spiritual systems, practices and beliefs left me feeling flustered and inferior I began exploring how I could heal myself and make spirituality fit into my everyday life. I quickly realised that the only pre-requisite for living a HAPPY, SPIRITUAL LIFE is the desire to do so in whatever way works for me.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients find their own version of happiness and spiritual wellness.  

Now, it’s your turn. If this is the help you’ve been looking for, you’ll be feeling reaaaaally drawn to me and to this service right now.

Trust that.

I’ll see you on the inside!  ~ Jo x

“Jo’s Stellar Journeys are addictive in the BEST possible way!” – Jen, Stellar Journey Attendee

Bonuses For All Subscribers

spiritual wellness subscription

BONUS #1: Equilibrium, Spirituality for Everyday People ($39 value)

  • Gifted to all monthly and annual subscribers
  • Get the e-book of Equilibrium delivered to your inbox upon sign up
  • This inspiring self-help book will be your new spiritual bestie
  • Filled with DIY techniques to help you enhance your own healing gift
  • Real-life stories of miracles, tragedy, powerful life lessons and spiritual awakenings and so much more!

BONUS #2: Healing Journey Starter Pack ($99 value)

  • Gifted to annual subscribers
  • A series of 4 downloadable audio files delivered over 4 days
  • Day 1: The Magic of Meditation – Get the Most From Your Meditation Practice (A mentoring session)
  • Day 2: Breath of Fresh Air – A Guided Meditation to Get You Back on Track
  • Day 3: Embodiment – Your Guide to The Ultimate Act of Self Love and Self Healing (A mentoring session)
  • Day 4: A Colourful Life – An Energy Healing for Finding Yourself

BONUS #3: Two Months Free ($140 value)

  • For all annual subscribers
  • Subscribe for 12 months, and only pay for 10 months
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Stellar Journeys
A Spiritual Wellness Subscription

Wednesday Night Lives (5:30pm AEST*) + 7-Day Replays
365 Day Access
AUD $58-$69 a Month · $14-17 a Week · $2 a Day

*Subject to change, with notice

Are you ready to get unstuck, and rediscover who you truly are? Would you like to heal, in your own authentic way?

Tune in to our weekly live Stellar Journey sessions in Zoom, or catch the 7-day replays any time or day that suits you!
No lock in contracts, cancel any time. Full terms and conditions are here.

spiritual wellness subscription

BONUS e-book of Equilibrium, Spirituality for Everyday People ($39 value)

spiritual wellness subscription

BONUS 2 months FREE!
BONUS e-book of Equilibrium, Spirituality for Everyday People ($39 value)
BONUS Healing Journey Starter Pack ($99 value)

“CANNOT put into words how this has been the most beneficial thing I have done in my LIFE!” – Mirjana, Stellar Journey Attendee

Common Questions

Do I need any meditation or energy healing experience?

Definitely not! In fact, the less experience the better. My specialty is helping total newbies get the hang of meditation and energy healing in a light and enjoyable way. You just need to have an open mind, and be ready to experience whatever is meant for you for your highest good.

Are any cameras or audio used during Stellar Journeys?

All attendees’ microphones and cameras are off by default, and can’t be turned on for any reason. All you will hear is my voice and the music. And all you will see is a pretty sunset image which is my background screensaver.

Does it matter if I can’t make (or miss) the live Stellar Journey sessions?

Definitely not. The replays are equally as effective and transformational as the lives.

Are refunds available on Stellar Journey subscriptions?

Yes, as per my personal guarantee:

“If you don’t love your first Stellar Journey session, contact me within 7 days and I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.”

This applies to both both monthly and annual subscriptions. More information on refunds and the cancellation policy are available in the T&Cs.

Can I access the Stellar Journey replays beyond 7 days?

The idea of the replay is to make each weekly session accessible for the whole week, up until the next session.

Each new replay overrides the previous week’s replay, to ensure you always have a current Stellar Journey at your fingertips, to help you whenever you need it.

The only time the replays are extended beyond 7 days are outlined in the T&Cs (eg in the event of illness, or Christmas periods).

What tech software / hardware is needed for Stellar Journeys?

Three things are needed: A personal device (phone, tablet, computer), headphones / earbuds, and reliable internet access.

Depending on your device, you may also need the Zoom app for live sessions (some devices can access Zoom via a web browser – eg Google Chrome) – check out my Zoom tech support page here.

Hot tip: It’s worth putting some time and effort into finding the right pair of headphones or earbuds! It makes a massive difference to the overall experience if they’re comfy (not too tight or loose) on your head, and give you a good, clear sound experience. And this doesn’t necessarily mean big $$$s either – some of the cheaper brands are fantastic. It really comes down to personal preference.