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Hello! I’m Jo

Intuitive · Reiki Master-Teacher · Energy Healer · Spirit Communicator · Author

I am an Australian Energy Healer who also happens to have some very handy spiritual gifts and tricks up her sleeve…  Spirits talk to me · Other peoples’ bodies and souls talk to me · The land talks to me · I am a powerful energy healer · I experience the occasional premonition · I can delve into past lives … you get the idea!

LUMA·NOVA is where you can find practical resources to help you on your spiritual journey.

Learn, heal & play with me in my membership space:

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New content released every month, keeping you on track with your healing journey.

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Relax and heal, from the comfort of your own home.

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I will teach you everything I know and support you while you explore how spirituality fits into your life.

An active, supportive community

Chat with like-minded, everyday people who are also navigating this crazy beautiful life.

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A peace meditation to help you sleep. Save it and use it as often as you need.


A free community of like-minded everyday people, all exploring their spiritual journey.


Learn some simple and effective energy techniques to enhance your life.

" I look forward to the healing and meditation sessions in MY LUMA·NOVA which I credit to a happier and healthier version of myself "

Emma, RN & Mum – Age: 33

"In the past I have rarely felt anything during a Reiki session but with Jo it is COMPLETELY different!"

Jane, Florist – Age: 54

"To say WOW was an understatement, Jo has totally changed not only my day but also my life."

Wendy, Teacher & Mum – Age: 47

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