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Jo Worsfold | energy healer · channel · soulful practices · Tasmanian

Hello! I’m Jo

Energy Healer · Channel · Intuitive · Reiki Master-Teacher · Author

I am an Australian Energy Healer who also happens to have some very handy spiritual gifts and tricks up her sleeve…  I am an experienced channeller of many things (souls, bodies, plants, the land, Spirit and more) · I am a powerful intuitive energy healer · I have and use all psychic senses (clair-audience, -voyance, -sentience, -cognizance, -tangency, -alience) · I experience vivid premonitions · I can delve into past lives … you get the idea!

LUMA·NOVA is where you can find practical resources to help you on your spiritual journey.


An eclectic mix of Reiki, intuitive healing, spirit communications, elder energy, planetary energy, crystals, plant medicine, and whatever else intuitively comes to and through Jo.


A deeply relaxing and restorative online meditation class, laced with energy healing and channelled guidance.


A range of guided meditations, energy healings and short spiritual courses available for purchase on Etsy. New products are added to the Etsy store all the time, so make sure you follow the store to stay up to date with the latest offerings.


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A spiritual self-help book, effortlessly blending spirituality with the everyday. This book will captivate you with its fresh perspective on how to live your best life as an intuitive, connected and truly happy you. No tricky lingo, guaranteed.

"I look forward to Jo's healing and meditation sessions, which I credit to a happier and healthier version of myself."

Emma, RN & Mum – Age: 33

"In the past I have rarely felt anything during a Reiki session but with Jo it is COMPLETELY different!"

Jane, Florist – Age: 54

"To say WOW was an understatement, Jo has totally changed not only my day but also my life."

Wendy, Teacher & Mum – Age: 47

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