How to stabilise your energy | The what, why and how of grounding

Written by Jo Worsfold

Energy Healer, Intuitive, Spirit Communicator and proud Tasmanian!

26 May, 2021

Tell me if you’ve ever felt this way:

  • You feel unsettled, as though you aren’t quite anchored in your body properly
  • You have heightened emotions for no obvious reason
  • You are constantly ‘in your head’ and churning your thoughts over and over

These are some common signs that your energy needs grounding. Others include trouble sleeping, sluggish digestion, feeling irritable or moody, short attention span, messier handwriting than usual, having trouble getting your words out, erratic dreams, just to name a few.

A quick intro to soul energy

We all have a soul, and this soul in its most simplest form is spiritual energy. The soul is what makes you, you! It is your essence – the beginning and ending of your existence.

Your soul energy drives your intuition – those gut instincts that give you an inner knowing of yes or no. Your soul energy also connects and communicates with other energies around you – the Universal Life Force Energy, other souls (living and deceased), the vibration of Mother Earth, other realms and entities, and so much more. Your soul also has the ability to heal you! Through establishing a stronger connection to your soul energy and through learning to work with it, you can experience healing moments that can change your whole life.

Perhaps you have the natural ability to tune into your soul energy and you can consciously witness or observe these soulful communications, or perhaps your gut instincts are very on point. Perhaps you feel a deep connection to nature and feel stifled if you are stuck indoors for too long. These are all signs that you have a strong connection to your soul-self and you can learn to use this connection to do so many things including cleansing your energy, recharging your energy, healing your energy, releasing stagnant energy and more.

In this article, I’m going to talk specifically about how you can use your soul energy (and the energies around you) to stabilise or ground your energy.

Some common causes of unstable energy

From an energetic perspective, if the energy inside us is being constantly drained through giving / doing / being or if it’s spread too thin because we’re juggling many tasks and responsibilities all at once, our soul energy becomes depleted. So most of us already know that we need to be refilling our cup regularly otherwise we are running on empty (whether we’re actively doing this is another thing! 😉 But at least most of us are aware of it).

On the other hand, we may have full energy reserves but our energy becomes unstable as a result of a traumatic experience or a highly emotional experience. If something comes along to rattle the cage or stir the pot of your life, it can feel like you have been thrown off course which can also result in destabilising the soul energy. Some situations worth mentioning because they are really common include relationship disfunction, work stress, being amongst large groups of people, repetitive exposure to devastating world or local events (eg watching the nightly news!).

Significant astrological events can also throw your energy off course, and leave you feeling unstable and very confused! Take a full moon for example – for me, on a full moon I nearly always have trouble sleeping, I feel restless, I feel unsettled but can’t quite put my finger on why. My dogs are often also very out of sorts with restless sleep and quirky out-of-character behaviour. My children when they were little used to also be greatly affected by the lunar cycles, with a full moon often bringing on excessive outbursts of emotion, irrational or erratic behaviour and trouble sleeping. But it’s not just a full moon that can send you off the charts! There are so many things like retrogrades and eclipses and flares that may affect the average person, even though they may not be fully aware of it (and that’s just the average person! If you happen to be quite energy-sensitive, you are usually in for one hell of a ride during these astrological events).

Another thing worth mentioning here is spiritual work – if you are diving into meditations, energy healings, or oracle card readings, witchcraft, spirit communications, or even herbalism (working with plant medicine). Anything spiritual or esoteric that you are exploring raises your energy and changes your energy, and sometimes it can change very quickly! All of this will pique or arouse your energy and if you don’t have something to counter or balance your spiritual work, it may result in your energy becoming unstable. (I always, ALWAYS ground my energy and the energy of my clients after doing any spiritual work or practice.)

What is grounding?

When you take action to stabilise your soul energy, you are effectively grounding or earthing yourself. Think of the act of grounding as being a balm to sooth your soul. It is like draping your favourite doona around your shoulders, giving you that feeling of being anchored and held.

From an energetic perspective, grounding helps your soul energy to recentre, stabilise, calibrate and recharge. You can actually ground your energy to achieve so many different outcomes, it really does just come down to your intention – what is it you need the most right now? You may just need to let go of some energy that you’ve absorbed from other people around you, or perhaps you need to recharge your energetic batteries. As with all spiritual and healing practices, your intention is key. So don’t feel like you can only ground yourself purely to stabilise your energy – you can experiment with your grounding practices and see how it can help you!

But for the purpose of this article, I am going to share with you some tips on how you can stabilise your energy through grounding.

When you ground yourself, you are firmly planting your soul energy into the earth’s energy. You are anchoring yourself to Mother Earth. You are recalling your energy, if it has been dispersed all over the place, and you are bringing every aspect of yourself back to your core – your heart centre.

How to ground your energy

Here are my favourite ways to ground my energy and the energy of my clients:

1. Through visualisation

Close your eyes and imagine tree roots growing out from the soles of your feet. See the roots connecting with the earth beneath you. See the roots reaching down into the depths of the earth, and take your roots as far and deep as you need. Sit in stillness for a moment (or longer) feeling into the earth energy beneath you while you maintain this connection. This is one visualisation technique – you can get as creative as you like! Imagine an anchor dropping out from underneath you and plummeting deep into the earth’s core. Get creative with your visualisations!

2. Through physical contact with the earth

Bare skin on the earth’s surface is a super-effective way to ground yourself. So bare feet in the grass, or the sand, or the water, or in the dirt, is what we are aiming for here. Water is a conductor of energy, so if you are standing on wet grass it will be a stronger grounding experience. I highly recommend being intentional as you stand your bare feet on the earth – so as you are standing there, tell yourself that you are grounding yourself. Believe it. Feel it. So many people report feeling buzzing or tingling sensations as their bare feet touch grass or sand – this is your energy connecting with the earth energy and grounding you. You could take it next-level by laying your bare body on the ground if you wanted to! Or swimming in the ocean (naked is optional!). Anything that involves your bare skin intentionally connecting with Mother Earth will ground you.

3. Through grounding or earthing products

There are so many products available to help ground your energy. There are grounding or earthing sheets and other bedding products. There are earthing shoes available that will ground you as you go about your day (the soles are specifically designed so as not to inhibit your connection to the earth’s energy). There are many crystals and gemstones that have very grounding properties – one of my favourite crystals for grounding my energy is black obsidian. [side note: I very rarely follow the traditional uses for crystals. I instead grab which ever crystal I’m feeling drawn to at any given time, and whenever I need grounding I always go for my black obsidian. So use your intuition when choosing a crystal to ground yourself!]

4. Eat nourishing foods

Earthy, nourishing, hearty meals are very grounding. Some particularly helpful spices for grounding are cardamom, cumin, ginger, salt, cinnamon, cloves. But be intuitive with your spices! Add them to your meals, or make yourself a grounding tea blend. Good quality whole grains are also great for grounding yourself through food.

5. Grounding energy work

Find yourself a grounding meditation to immerse yourself in, or seek the help of a healer who can provide you with a grounding healing experience. [I can help you with this, just saying!] Even a good massage can be very grounding – again, set a silent intention as you go into the massage that you are doing this for the purpose of grounding your energy so that you’ll get the best outcome possible.

6. Switch off!

Turn off your phone, your tv, your laptop, anything that is connecting you to the outside world. Switch it all off and take a break. Give yourself a chance to just be in the moment, with yourself and your immediate surroundings, because this can be really helpful in grounding your energy. If we are constantly plugged in to the rest of the world, there is a constant energy exchange taking place. This can really throw your energy off balance and leave you feeling out of sorts. So sometimes all it takes to ground yourself is to switch off and have some alone time.

What are your favourite ways to ground your energy?

Please share with me in the comments below!

Jo x

About Jo Worsfold

Jo Worsfold, Tasmanian Energy Healer and Channel, is the founder of LUMA·NOVA and is the author of Equilibrium, Spirituality for Everyday People. Jo turned to energy medicine and to living a more spiritual life when her chronic health issues prompted her to think outside the box. After many spiritual systems, practices and beliefs left Jo feeling flustered and inferior she began exploring how she could make spirituality fit into her everyday life and quickly realised that the only pre-requisite for living a spiritual life is the desire to do so, in a way that works for her. She is now helping others work out what being spiritual means to them, and how they can use it to change their lives.


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