“A one-stop-shop of dependable and authentic spiritual solutions to give you a new lease on life.”

Hi! I’m Jo Worsfold, a Tasmanian Energy Healer, Intuitive and Spirit Communicator. Despite everything life has thrown at me (read more about that below), I am living a very happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Blending spirituality with my everyday life in a way that suits me has been a huge part of that.

Let me show you how! I have a membership site chock-full of delicious offerings waiting for you…



Learn to trust your ability to achieve physical, emotional & mental wellness!


Establish real trust in something beyond this human experience!


Fully trust in the decisions you make and the actions you take!


Do you want to know how to deepen your meditation practices? How to work with spiritual energy? How crystals can help you? 

Gain the confidence you need, with my help and support, to trust yourself and trust the bigger picture. I will uncomplicate things so you can dive into your spiritual journey head first!


I connect with Higher Beings, to deliver a meditation experience like no other.

Every meditation takes you on a journey of transformation, and you don’t need any experience to benefit!

The combination of live and on-demand classes means you can unwind, relax and regroup as often as you need.



The best thing is the variety. MY LUMA·NOVA is educational, enlightening, engaging and also so much fun!

Wendy, WA

Teacher & Mum, age 47

I have learnt more in the 6 months that I have been a MY LUMA·NOVA member than I have learnt in YEARS of fumbling my way through this stuff on my own!

Jane, WA

Florist, age 54

Thank you for providing such a unique space. The MY LUMA·NOVA membership is extraordinary value for money!

Tanya, TAS

Medical Receptionist, age 55


Heal yourself, with just the right amount of ‘woo’ (not too little, and not too much).

A wide range of healing topics including physical health, emotional wellbeing, spiritual progression, relationships & love and so much more, with new healings added to the Healing Library every month.


Hand-crafted compilations of sessions from the Healing Library, intuitively combined with daily spiritual guidance and journaling prompts.

Perfect for those who enjoy structure and accountability on their healing journey.

A focused and intensive multi-day healing experience like no other!



Each month, a new card reading is added to the Healing Library!

These readings are designed to help you – not to tell you what to do nor tell you what your future holds.

You retain 100% control over your own decisions, while using the readings to help guide you and offer you peace of mind while you navigate life.



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Do I have to be Australian to join MY LUMA·NOVA?

Everyone, all over the world, is welcome to join MY LUMA·NOVA. The content is designed to appeal specifically to Australian everyday people, but this membership site is certainly not exclusive to Aussies. You don’t have to be Australian to enjoy and benefit from a MY LUMA·NOVA membership – all you need is a curious mind, an open heart and the desire to bring some spiritual practices into your day-to-day life.

Will this membership cure me / solve all my problems?

If you are looking for a quick fix for whatever problem / illness / dysfunction you are working through, this membership isn’t for you. MY LUMA·NOVA is about engaging in spiritual practices and learning new mindsets and techniques to enhance your life. It is about embarking on a journey of self-discovery, through embracing all of life’s ups and downs. Yes, you can heal yourself (to whatever capacity is meant for you for your highest good and greatest joy). You can also achieve a happy, healthy, fulfilled life but you have to be prepared to put the work in! You must also be open to learning the lessons along the way, because there will be many!

Do I need any prior experience in spiritual practices?

Zero experience necessary! In fact, the less you already know, the better because this membership site is designed specifically for the everyday person who is curious about how spirituality and energetic practices can help them.

If you are already well underway with your spiritual journey and have some (or a lot) of experience, MY LUMA·NOVA can also greatly benefit you by a) giving you a new, fresh, down-to-earth perspective on spirituality and b) complement (and even greatly enhance) your current practices and your overall spiritual journey through the potent healings, meditations and other offerings within this membership.


I’ve had a bumpy ride, with some very serious and some not-so-serious health issues. I’ve had a near-death experience. I’ve experienced post-natal depression and I have a love-hate relationship with anxiety. I’m an overthinker, and an overachiever. I put my foot in my mouth, regularly. I’m a wife, I’m a mum. I have a big heart and big emotions. I care deeply about everyone and everything! So, in other words I’m just an ordinary everyday Aussie navigating life. But I also have some pretty spekky spiritual gifts up my sleeve, and it is because of these gifts and my openness to spirituality (in a way that works for me) that my life is pretty damn amazing. Now, it’s your turn. Let’s see what you are capable of! Let’s tap into that inner hippy of yours and see how you can weave that magic into your everyday life. x

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