A private healing experience like no other…

Have you had it up to the eyeballs with feeling flat, tired, cranky, restless, unhappy, or all of the above?

Trouble sleeping? Relationship troubles? Career / money problems? Health issues?

You are not alone.

In this fast-paced life we all lead, our own self care and self worth can (and often does) take a nose-dive and can leave us feeling a little like Miss Willow here… But life doesn’t have to be this way!

A 1:1 distance energy healing may be exactly what you need to pick you up and get you and your life back on track.

Through tuning into your soul energy Jo is able to provide you with a powerful and effective healing experience, and to communicate with your mind body soul, with your Spirit Guides and other Higher Beings and Helpers to channel messages and guidance.

Jo uses an eclectic mix of Reiki, intuitive healing, spirit communications, elder energy, planetary energy, crystals, plant medicine, and whatever else intuitively comes to her and through her.

Think of a healing session with Jo as an opportunity to:

  • discover more about yourself
  • bring you to a higher level of soul consciousness
  • bring you to a greater level of peace and happiness
  • unlock the truest version of YOU!

What people are saying about 1:1 Distance Healings


"Jo is down to earth, gifted, accurate, and has genuine access to another realm (you don't need to understand her gift to benefit from it!)."

Claire, Nurse & Naturopath – Age: 43

"There is no doubt that Jo has saved me from needing corrective surgery. She has achieved amazing results."

Tanya, Medical Receptionist – Age: 55

"Jo's healings have instigated massive changes in my work, my love-life and my personal spaces. "

Karen, Coach & Counsellor – Age: 64

"Your healing left me feeling oh so light, calm and fresh. Everything from your notes is so fascinating and all so relevant to me."

Pauline, Retired – Age: 72

I am so keen for a private session!
What’s included?

Detailed notes from your session

Jo immerses herself in automatic writing during every distance healing.

One hour of relaxation & rest

From the comfort of your own home.

A healing experience like no other

Intuitively channelled energy healing, especially for you.

Spiritual guidance

Receive messages from the other side, to help you navigate life.

Cost: AU$120 (payable in full prior to healing commencing)

Send Jo an email today to enquire about booking a distance healing session:

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