Gift of the Gab

Gabrielle is my most powerful, wise and lovable Spirit Guide and Angelic Mentor and she is here to help you.

On this page, you can submit a question on anything to do with spirituality for Gabby to answer in my weekly newsletter.

How does it work?

I channel Gabby and present her with a selection of my favourite questions from the week.

I document her answers for the newsletter.


What type of questions can you ask?

Anything to do with spirituality really, and it can be a personal question as long as it is relevant to lots of people – not just you.

Questions like “when will I meet my soul mate?” or “have I made the right decision?” are too specific and won’t be answered.

Questions like “I feel stuck in my life, how can I get unstuck?” or

“I’m having trouble with my meditation practice, how can I enhance it?” would be perfect!

Anything to do with spiritual practices, beliefs, life dramas, love, wellbeing, happiness, self-care / self-love,

spirit encounters, dreams, trauma / pain / death will be considered.

Hit Gabby up with your question here:

IMPORTANT: The answers to all questions will be general in nature and for educational purposes only.

Always seek professional medical advice / treatment when warranted.


You give me permission to contact you about your question, add you to my free mailing list and for your question to be used in any published or broadcast medium. Your first name only will be used to protect your privacy. Your personal information will remain confidential and will not be shared or sold to any external organisations. All responses are general in nature and do not constitute professional medical advice.

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